Wind Named Amnesia, A

Story: This is a different kind of apocalyptic film. In the typical story, someone sets off the bomb and then they focus on the survivors after the catastrophe. In this film, a strange wind blows over the surface of the planet, and everyone looses their memory. Cars crash, planes crash, boats sink, and people die of hunger because they forget to eat. How would humanity cope if everything they knew was taken away from them? How long would it take them to relearn basic survival instincts? Add to that, the fact that a few select people have not been as affected as everyone else. How would they interact with other people who cannot at all communicate? But most of all, how did this happen? Who is responsible and can it be fixed? One boy sets out to try and find the answers to these questions and ends up with a rag tag group of people surrounding him along the way.

The Film Itself: This film is available individually or as part of the Yoshiaki Kawajiri director brick packs set. The animation on this is excellent and they avoid almost entirely the hokey anime style that has become synonymous with Saturday Morning cartoons. There is no nudity and the battle scenes are limited to only a few short scenes, but the story is strong and is produced by some of the best names in Anime today. (US Manga/Central Park Media, 250 W 57th St, Suite 317, New York, NY 10107) – Myk.

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