Wild Camp

This is a fictional story, but is so true to life it will hit way too close to home for some people. Blaise is an ex-convict that is trying to get his life together and keep his family going. His brother-in-law has secured him a job at the summer campground that he runs as a boating instructor. Everything starts all right, even though the majority of the camping families feel that Blaise is a little off. Things start to go downhill when Blaise meets Camille. Camille is an attractive teenage girl that is bored with her current boyfriend and family situation and is looking for some kicks, much like any teenager. She thinks she has found them in Blaise who holds the “older and more dangerous” aura to her. At first he does his best to resist her come on, but as things continue, he fails. She maybe a standard looking young lady, but to an older guy, she is a young, hot little number that wants to run away with him and worship the ground he walks on. This of course doesn’t sit well with the camp staff, campers or especially Camille’s family and boyfriend. The struggle begins to overwhelm the two and leads to drastic measures. This isn’t a true story, but it is one you could read any given day in the paper. That fact alone gives is a more than creepy aesthetic and as the story builds, you see the changes in Camille and see what attracts Blaise to this woman. Isild Le Besco play’s Camille and puts in an excellent performance in this French language piece. There is some nudity in the film, but for most of it, you end up feeling dirty for watching it, which is much of the point. – Myk.

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