Whispering Corridors

Tartan Asia Extreme has been releasing some of the most amazing films I have seen in years. I am thankful for it too, because many of them I’m sure I would not get to see without their help. Unfortunately, when you release so many movies and the bar is set so high, you are bound to have a few that are lackluster. Whispering Corridors isn’t a bad film. I enjoyed watching it, the film just is not as good as some of their other recent films like ‘Phone’ or ‘A Tale Of Two Sisters’. The story revolves around an all-girls school. A former student has returned to become a teacher there and just as she arrives, a teacher who she had as a student commits suicide. The teacher becomes close with a couple of students that remind her of herself and her best friend at school, who coincidently committed suicide. There of course is the horrible male teacher who hits on the best looking girls, often going well past the acceptable limit with his hands and comments. Something is wrong at the school though. The students take refuge in an old art room that has been abandoned because it is "haunted" and the teachers refuse to go there. The school reminds me of a Catholic school scenario that you may have seen in late ’70’s American films, these teachers just don’t have habits. Americans have not seen too many actually ‘ghost’ films in recent years, but this is very common in the Eastern film market. While I did not at all expect the end of the film, I didn’t exactly find it to be overly frightening either. It was more thriller than horror and in that, I was a bit disappointed. This is a rental, but you can skip the owning. (Tartan Video, 8322 Beverly Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90048) – Myk

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