Werewolves on Wheels

Fans of low-budget 70’s drive-in fare rejoice, because "Werewolves on Wheels" is finally available in a Special Edition DVD. I remember this one from this late-night local showings on TV. Spent years going to conventions looking for it, but most dealers looked at me like I was crazy. My buddy from CryptFlix finally had it last year, and it was quality stuff. But this…this had me drooling like Great Dane when I saw it on the shelves this week. Cleaned up, the film looks absolutely beautiful, and in widescreen no less. Old VHS copies and dubs were always entirely too dark, rendering the movie at worst, unwatchable, at best, difficult to follow. I’m amazed a decent enough print of this thing even existed. The DVD also features audio commentary with the director and co-writer. AMAZING. The folks at Dark Sky DVD are to be commended for this disc–this is exactly the sort of thing I want to see when I pick up a crap classic. Us fans of low-budget, pretty terrible movies, well, we love these movies because they’re terrible. That’s not to say we disrespect them, or think they they shouldn’t be seen the way they were intended, and of course, more than anything, we love to get inside the head of people who made them. C’mon? Who the hell in their right mind doesn’t want a running commentary from the creators of a werewolf biker gang movie? Thank you, Dark Sky. Thank you. Excellent job.

Ok…about the actually movie. A biker gang runs into some Satantists. Rub them the wrong way. Some get turned into werewolves. Yea, it’s a movie junk, but you know, movie junk from 30 years ago puts movie junk of today to shame (Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal exempted). If you’re a fan of the kind of stuff that came out of AIP, the car chase movies, the biker gang movies, and also a fan of drive-in horror like "I Drink Your Blood" you should be ashamed of yourself if you don’t run out immediately and add "Werewolves on Wheels" to your DVD collection. –Mike C.

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