Awesome. I can’t say anything other than that. This is a film that shatters all boundaries of “low budget film making” and makes films that look bad because of it look even worse. If you are a fan of Peter Jackson’s ‘Dead Alive’ you will totally eat this up. Lot’s of fake blood, a few silly zombie moments, an amazingly hot girl who strips down to bra and panties and a totally bad ass anti-hero who’s name in real life is Mungo. Is the film a zombie movie? Yes, but it is also a Sci-Fi film and a post apocalyptic tale. Elements of films like Street Trash, NOTLD, 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, Bad Taste, Taxi Driver and even Scream all combine to make an absolutely entertaining film. A small town in Australia is bombarded by meteors and from the second the first one hit’s, all hell breaks loose. But it gets weirder from there. Acid rain has started to fall and not only does it burn the skin, but if you get caught in it, you are sucked into the sky by a blinding light. Who’s left, but a psychotic, chicken shit cop, his rookie partner, the local looney who claims to be abducted by aliens and also happened to own a gun shop, a local kid and his pregnant girlfriend, and of course, Rene, the local beauty contest winner who is losing he home because her parents died and left her nothing except bills. The rag tag group must leave the house they are locked in (sound familiar at all?) and venture into town to find out how to escape the rain and zombies. If you liked Shaun of the Dead you are gonna eat this up. The camera work is stellar and the writers/directors (two brothers) did a bang up job to keep this original. The DVD features two different audio commentaries, one with the directors which is very technical and well done, and the other with the cast which is just funny and a goof to listen to. There are also deleted scenes, make-up tests, behind the scenes stuff, some film festival footage and even making of’s. This is just packed full of goodness that everyone will want to own. (Lion’s Gate, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) – Myk.

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