Unborn But Forgotten

This film has some similarity to The Ring plot wise. In The Ring, you got 7 days to live after watching videotape. In Unborn, woman had fifteen days to live after going to a website. The main plot thread of the film is a detective who is investigating this website and also a hospital which may or may not be linked. One woman that has seen the website ends up living in an apartment of one of the victims and weird stuff of course ensues. She befriends the detective and helps with the investigation, mainly because her life depends on it. In the meantime she is also dealing with her television anchorman boyfriend who wants her to get rid of her newly conceived child because it is ruining his reputation because they are not married. This is directors Lim Chang-jae’s first film and visually it is very good. There are a few slow parts in the film and the ending is somewhat confusing and open to interpretation. The acting is very good though and the DVD features some behind the scenes bonus stuff and interviews. This is not on the top of my Asian suggestions, but you can do far worse. Fans of Asian horror could sit and debate this one for hours, for more newly vested viewers, it might leave you feeling a little unfulfilled. (Tartan Video, 8322 Beverly Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90048) – Myk.

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