Toolbox Murders, The

Story: A deranged madman goes on a killing spree in a Los Angeles apartment complex using tools. Banned by censors, trashed by critics and offensive to all, mainly because no one knows what happened to the plot in the second half of the movie!
The Film Itself: Well, this is a Blue Underground release so you’ve got to expect something a little “out there” coming from them. The first half hour or so is in fact a straight forward and brutal horror flick. The killer stalks this quiet apartment complex and kills girls in horrible ways using various tools. It’s pretty gory and effective. But somewhere along the 45 minute mark, the movie takes a nose dive and the motives of the killer (as well as the killer himself) are revealed. Honestly, I don’t know what the hell happens after that. It just gets worse and worse. The idea is strong and has promise, but it fails to deliver after the impressive first half hour. By the ending, you’re left a tad bit baffled.
Special Features: Blue Underground knows how to treat it’s trashy cinema! With a special edition! The extras on here are pretty darned cool. There’s an audio commentary, a theatrical trailer and tv spots. But the highlight is a interview/featurette with star Marianne Walter titled ‘I Got Nailed In The Toolbox Murders’. The DVD is fairly inexpensive, so between the opening of the movie & the extra’s, it’s worth a look at. – robg.

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