Tobe Hooper’s The Toolbox Murders

Story: Texas Chainsaw’s Tobe Hooper remakes The Toolbox Murders… without actually watching the original!
The Film Itself: With the disaster that is the second half of the original Toolbox Murders, I expected a remake to be top-notch in comparison. Well, it’s perhaps a tad better then the original and that ain’t saying much. Don’t get me wrong, I DID enjoy this version. The first half hour or so get’s really BRUTAL. First kill alone with the hammer. Ouch! I felt it! And let’s not even mention the drill! The kills are very effective in this version and equally disturbing. Also good is Angela Bettis of one of my recent fave films ‘May’. The problem with this movie is that Hooper admits to not sitting thru the original. So the only similarities between this and the original is the name, and the creepy killer with tools. The ending and “explanation” for THIS toolbox killer is even more far fetched & out there then the one in the original, and I think it sadly ruins this film. (Hint: do we really need another Leatherface? …who’s bound by magic?) Still worth a rental or at least one solid viewing.
Special Features: One of the coolest things on here is the deleted scenes. The gore on all the kills is FANTASTIC! Wait until you see the “drill kill”! If they were to put back all the gory bits & release the DVD as an unrated director’s cut, it would’ve made the whole movie SO much better. And it would’ve made the ending ALMOST tolerable. Almost. Ok, I think this DVD is definitely worth checking out. Go for it. – robg.

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