Thriller: A Cruel Picture

Story/ The Film Itself: Madeleine is a young woman who has been a mute ever since a sexual attack when she was a child. When she misses the bus on her way to a doctor’s appointment, she accepts a ride from a stranger named Tony. He takes her to dinner and then back to his house where he spikes her drink. When she wakes up, she is told she has been injected with heroin and that she will not last more than two days without a fix. She will be given two hits a day for working as a prostitute. When her first client arrives, she reacts by severely scratching his face. To punish her, Tony uses a scalpel to cut out one of her eyes (in a scene supposedly using a real corpse) causing her to wear an eye-patch. Being that she, like other girls, now has a dependency on heroin, she is allowed to leave the house on her day off since she will have to come back for her fix anyway. When she goes to see her parents, she finds out they have both commit suicide over a letter they believed to be from Madeleine saying she didn’t love them anymore and would not be coming back. With the money she earns from tips, she buys lessons in martial arts, gun shooting, and driving. When she masters each skill, she sets out for bloody revenge against Tony and her clients. Thriller: A Cruel Picture (aka They Call Her One Eye) is one of the best exploitation movies ever made. It has beautiful cinematography and an excellent, daring and fierce performance by the beautiful Christina Linberg as Madeleine. Although she never speaks, her sweet, innocent face expresses all the pain and rage and determination she is feeling. She is one of the ultimate femme fatales of cinema, exploitation or otherwise. The slow motion fight sequence at the dock is brilliant. One thing I felt was unnecessary were the explicit penetration shots during the sex scenes (one in particular is really nasty, you’ll know it when you see it). Including them seemed to go beyond pushing the limit, as it made the film seem pornographic which it is not. However, even with these shots, it does not deter from the genius of this movie. While not specifically horror, it is of special interest to fans of Last House On The Left and I Spit On Your Grave. Quentin Tarentino fans should also check this out since it seems to have had great influence on his style and the Daryl Hannah character in Kill Bill. The dvd is uncut and uncensored. A must see.
Special Features: Original Swedish Language With Optional English Subtitles and English Dubbed/ Still Galleries/ Original TV Spot and Theatrical Trailers/ Outtakes/ Alternate Harbor Fight Sequence/ Thriller: A Cruel Lab Mistake (rare photos detailing an unused fight sequence ruined by the film lab during production)/ Thriller: “The Story In Pictures”(a 40 second flash cut version of the film)/ Filmographies. – neil a.

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