Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Story: After 14 years of silence, the buzz is back!
The Film Itself: Ya know, it’s been years since I’ve seen the sequel to ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. But after my recent trip to Texas, and the new knowledge that the Chop-Top character was actually the Hitchhiker’s twin brother, I had to give it another viewing. (Did you guys even know that?!) Bill Mosely plays Chop-Top – the brother that was supposedly in Vietnam during the first movie, and the corpse the Sawyer family carries around is supposed to be the Hitchhiker from the original film. (He’s wearing the pouch and has the scar across his face!) So, with that new tid-bit, and the memory of a wacky Dennis Hopper performance, I decided to give this movie another screening. And? …I love Texas Chainsaw 2!!! We’ve got a way over the top Bill Mosely as Chop-Top. (Or the same character he pretty much plays in House Of 1000 Corpses). We’ve got an excellent performance by Bill Johnson as the sexually confused Leatherface. We’ve got an even more over the top Dennis Hopper as the guy who’s going to hand this family their asses to them! We’ve also got the adorable, crush-worthy Caroline Williams. And those annoying college kids at the beginning – one of which gets the top of his head sawed off! Bill Mosely’s Chop-Top does in fact have some of the most quotable & memorable lines in this flick. (Including “Dog will hunt!” later featured in that Primus tune.) Overall, a very entertaining flick for all you sick bastards out there.
Special Features: Sadly, nothing on here except the theatrical trailer/teaser. I know older video versions had a deleted scene with Joe Bob Briggs, but it ain’t here. Perhaps there will be a future special edition of Chainsaw 2 one day? We’ll see. It’s inexpensive though and totally worth owning. – robg.

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