Tale of Two Sistesr, A

Story/The Film Itself: The story is about Su-mi and her younger sister Su-yeon who are returning home from a stay at the hospital. They are greeted by their father and step mother, who they obviously don’t care much for. From this moment on, the showdown between Su-mi and her step mother goes down, including a dinner where family members come over and Su-mi’s cousin breaks down into a seizure. All the while, something else is going on. There is a ghost in the house and she doesn’t like what’s going on. A Tale Of Two Sisters is a cross between a Japanese ghost story and ‘The Sixth Sense’. The ending features a double twist that will throw off even the most ardent film goer and will leave you baffled at the fact someone could come up with this. M. Night Shyamalan has got nothing on this guy.
Special Features: To begin with, this is a double DVD set. It also happens to be the most comprehensive release Tartan has done to date on any film. This release is chock full of goodness for all film lovers. Commentaries, tons of deleted scenes, and interviews fill up all the available room on this set. My only comment on all of these extras is that the director tends to be a little long winded when he speaks and often repeats himself, but I guess that is minor. (Tartan Video, 8322 Beverly Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90048) – Myk.

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