Sorority House Massacre

The Story/ The Film Itself: A rip off of The Slumber Party Massacre that also borrows a little from Halloween. Beth is the new girl at a sorority. While most of the girls are leaving for a little vacation, some stay behind to set up for a pow wow (whatever the f**k that is.) The night Beth moves in she begins having nightmares of a strange guy who murders his family. As Beth settles into her new surroundings, she awakens a rage in a mental patient at a nearby hospital with whom she has a telepathic link. He escapes from the hospital and, well, I guess you can figure out the rest. While this film offers nothing new and original it is still a fun little flick. If you’re a fan of girls getting naked and killed, then give this a try. I do recommend seeing Slumber Party Massacre first since Sorority House Massacre is sort of a spin-off. There is actually a scene of the characters watching Slumber Party Massacre on TV.
Special Features: Theatrical Trailer/ Cast Biographies/ Previews. – neil a.

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