Sorority House Massacre II

The Story/ The Film Itself: Some girls buy an abandoned house where a man previously murdered his family. They plan on fixing it up and using it as their new sorority house. On their first (and last) night in the house their wacky next door neighbor, Orville Ketchum, stops by to welcome the girls to the neighborhood and give them the key to the basement which for some odd reason he keeps in his crotch (for safekeeping I suppose.) Before he leaves he tells them about the man who murdered his family there. Footage from Slumber Party Massacre is used for a flashback and the story is changed so that the escaped mental patient in that movie is now the girls’ father for purposes of this movie. While searching the basement the girls find a ouija board. They decide to change into lingerie and use it to contact the killer. Of course, one of the girls is possessed by the spirit and tries killing everyone. Once again, like the original, nothing too special but a lot of fun. Orville Ketchum is credited as himself, but is actually actor Peter Spellos who you may know from Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. Also check out Hard To Die.
Special Features: Theatrical Trailer/ Cast Biographies/ Previews. – neil a.

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