Snake of June, A

You can count on the fact that a film by Shinya Tsukamoto, of Tetsuo fame, is going to be over the top. A Snake Of June is no exception. The film visually is stunning. It is shot in a blue monotone style that almost gives it a cold steel feel. The angle’s of the city and the attention to detail is second to none and makes the weird scenes all the more disturbing. The story itself has all the air of a Tsukamoto film as well as being very Lynch like or even Peter Greenway styled at times. Rinko, a young attractive woman, volunteers at the local suicide prevention hotline. She talks down a potential victim one night and never thinks of him again. The problem is, he won’t stop thinking about her. He follows her, finds out where she lives and stalks her. He gets pictures of her masturbating, which she does not out of necessity, but rather out of the fact that her husband just really isn’t interested in her. In an attempt to “free her sexuality” her stalkers black mails her with the photos in an effort to do some publicly humiliating sexual ventures including going shopping in an ultra small mini-skirt, with no panties and a vibrator going full blast as she shops. After this he promises to return the negatives of the pictures, but of course “forgets” to give her one negative. The process starts all over again. As this goes on, you find out Rinko’s husband is not all he appears to be either. The film at times really looks like a version of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ with some of the symbolism. There are things in this film you just won’t get. Some because of the language barrier and some because I’m not sure you are supposed to. I know I didn’t and I’ve watched a couple of this guys films before, it’s status quo with him. They are just status quo scene’s for Shinya. If you are familiar with ‘Tetsua’ or consider yourself a Lynch fan or experimental cinema, this is a gem. It has some strong situations and there is a good amount of nudity. AT points it is a little degrading to the female lead, but it takes care of itself in the long run. (Tartan Video, 8322 Beverly Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90048) – Myk.

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