Slumber Party Massacre, The

The Story/The Film Itself: A classic of early eighties slashers. A group of high school girls are having a slumber party. They snub the pretty new girl next door, some boys crash the party, and an escaped mental patient with a portable electric drill stops by to say “hi” or maybe just to kill everyone. With a title like The Slumber Party Massacre and cover art of girls in their underwear it’s easy to dismiss this movie as a standard t&a slasher, but I think it’s cleverer than that. Written by feminist Rita Mae Brown, the girls in this film are stronger than those in your typical slasher. They are presented as a phone repair(wo)man, a gym teacher, and a carpenter. As for the teens, it’s the boys who are the whiny bitches while the girls put up a good fight. The film is highly enjoyable all the way through. Even in the scenes of the girls just sitting around talking. It comes of as natural and what real teenage girls would talk about. The acting is above average for this kind of movie. The movie also delivers a good deal of suspense. Most notably is when one of the guys, Neil, is banging on next door neighbor Valerie’s front door for help, but she doesn’t answer thinking it’s a joke. The scene cuts back and forth between Valerie watching a horror film and Neil as the killer is quickly approaching.Valerie finally decides to check it out just as the music of the movie she is watching builds. Will she make it in time? The movie also has some good laughs including a body stuffed in a refrigerator and a pizza boy with his eyes drilled out. The death scenes are also very effective. Jackie getting her throat slashed when she opens the door thinking help has arrived. Coach Jana getting her stomach slashed, guts visibly beginning to pour out between her fingers as she falls down. And let’s not forget the final battle with the killer. Scream queen Brinke Stevens is featured in her first major role. The magnificent cast also includes Michelle Michaels, Robin Stille (R.I.P.), Debra Deliso, Pamela Roylance, Gina Marie, Andree Honore and Michael Villella.
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  1. Correction in my review. I was just watching SPM and noticed Coach Jana’s guts don’t spill out after her stomach is slashed. She was holding her stomach and those were her bloody fingers moving not guts.

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