Slumber Party Massacre III

The Story/The Film Itself: Basically the same as the previous films, but still very much enjoyable. Jackie is going to be moving away with her parents, so while they are out of town she throws a slumber party for her friends, and there is a lot of girls this time around. Naturally, some boys crash the party, as does a killer with a drill. Who is it this time? The weirdo from the beach? The whack job next door neighbor? Hmmm… There isn’t much more I can say. I did like how each of the girls was assigned a certain type of character within a group of friends. There’s Juliette the slutty girl, Susie the virginal girl, Janine the goofy girl and Diane the best friend to name a few. Some of the familiar names in this one include Maria Ford (star of many B-movie erotic thrillers), Hope Marie Carlton (the pin-up girl in A Nightmare On Elm St. 4) and Marta Kober (Sandra in Friday The 13th Part 2.)
Special Features: Theatrical Trailer/ Cast Biographies/ Previews. – neil a.

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