Slumber Party Massacre II

The Story/The Film Itself: Excellent sequel to The Slumber Party Massacre. The film takes place five years after the original. Courtney Bates, one of the survivors, is suffering from nightmares of a man dressed in black leather with an electric guitar with a drill attached to it. Also in her dreams is her sister Valerie, another survivor from the original who is now in a mental institution, who warns her little sis not to go all the way. Why? On the weekend of her birthday, Courtney goes with her friends and band mates to a new condo owned by one of the girl’s fathers for a weekend getaway and for band practice. All seems well at first. They’re having fun and their boyfriends come over. But then Courtney begins hallucinating. On the night of her birthday she is making out with her boyfriend, when out of nowhere the man in her dreams somehow crosses into reality and begins his killing spree. Yes, I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s a damn good time as well. This movie definitely upped the camp factor making this more of a horror/comedy. Honestly, you can’t be a serious horror film when you have a girl open a refrigerator and have a chicken jump out and attack her (a hallucination by the way.) The cast, like the original, is excellent. A pre-Wings Crystal Bernard plays Courtney, Juliette Cummins (Friday The 13th 5, Psycho 3 – why does she always die in her movies?) plays Sheila, Heidi Kozac (Friday The 13th 7, Society) plays Sally, former Playboy playmate Kimberly MacArthur plays Amy and Jennifer Rhodes (Night Of The Demons 2) plays Mrs. Bates.

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