Slime City

Saw a trailer for this on the Shock-o-Rama release of “Criminally Insane”, thought it would be worth checking out. The box claims this was a bit of a cult hit back in the late 80’s, but honestly I’d never heard of it. It gotta recommend it though: It’s a great example of the New York splatter/gore film. This subgenre includes films such as Troma’s early releases, “Basket Case”, “Street Trash”, “Combat Shock” and other films that were made by young filmmakers influenced by the films they were seeing in the grindhouse theaters of 1980’s Times Square. Many of the same people who worked on some films had a small hand in “Slime City”. ]The writer/director of this film is Greg Lamberson, at the time an SVA film school graduate and student of Roy Frumkes who shot “Street Trash”. This one is about a student, Alex (Robert Sabin), who finds himself possessed by the spirit of an dead occultist and slowly melting away. For such a small film it’s got great 80’s bladder effect makeup, a truly sympathetic lead. Most suprising was that this film moves a really great pace, rare for films of this budget and era. Good, clean gory fun!
Shock-o-Rama once again loads on the special features: Commentary by Greg Lamberson, a great making-of documentary, another feature film by Lamberson: 1999’s Naked Fear (which is a shot-on-video suspense thriller, not great, but maybe worth checking out). Another highly recommended buy from the Shock-o-Rama collection. – mikec.

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