Sleepaway Camp

The Story/The Film Itself: It’s a summer of fun at Camp Arawak where the rambunctious kids are gruesomely being killed. Who could the killer be? Is it the shy Angela who everyone picks on or her over protective cousin Ricky? Or is the crazy camp owner Mel? Sleepaway Camp is without a doubt one of the greatest summer camp movies along with the ‘Friday the 13th’ films and ‘The Burning’. Like these films the death scenes are creative and well executed. Some instruments of death include a giant pot of boiling water (apparently not as deadly as it seems), a bees hive, a curling iron and an arrow through the neck. The cast is just as colorful as the death scenes and they play off each other very well. Joining Angela (Felissa Rose) and Ricky (Jonathan Tiersten) are: Ricky’s best friend Paul, camp bitch extraordinaire Judy (played to perfection by Karen Fields), her cohort – camp councilor Meg (Katherine Kamhi), camp cook/pedophile Artie (Owen Hughes) and the aforementioned camp owner Mel (Mike Kellin) who also has an eye for young girls. Also worthy of notice is zany Aunt Martha played Desiree Gould. Sleepaway Camp has one of the craziest and creepiest shock endings that has to be seen to be believed. It is guaranteed to have you hitting the rewind button as you wonder, “Did I see that right?” Sleepaway Camp…It’s just what you’ve been looking for. Followed by two sequels and the anxiously awaited and hopefully soon to be released ‘Return To Sleepaway Camp’. Unfortunately the dvd version has scenes cut short such as the skinny dipping scene and the snake coming out of a dead campers mouth.
Special Features: Commentary by Writer/Director Robert Hiltzik, Star Felissa Rose and Jeff Hayes of (which you should totally check out)/ Theatrical Trailer. – neil a.

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