Story: Slashers is the number one rated reality show in Japan where contestants compete against each other for big money. All they have to do is survive against 3 bloodthirsty psychopathic killers hunting them. The stakes are high and the rules are simple. THERE ARE NO RULES! Welcome to the first American edition of Slashers!
The Film Itself: Oh bliss! Right from the catchy yet cheesy Japanese theme song to the reality based show within the movie for ‘Slashers’, I knew I was watching something special. This is a brilliant idea excellently executed. It comes off cheesy at first, but after a few minutes, you almost completely forget that you’re watching a fictional movie and you get into the excitement of it being an actual reality based tv show. The contestants themselves do their best to act natural with the material at hand, but the movie goes right to the memorable slashers themselves. Chainsaw Charlie sports a disturbing Alfred E. Newman (from MAD magazine kids) mask & the Preacherman spouts out biblical nonsense while stalking his prey. (Ironically, both those slashers are played by actor Neil Napier) Just as maniacal is Dr. Ripper, creepily portrayed by Christopher Piggins. Sarah Joslyn Crowder holds her own against the other contestants and is probably the most prominent character besides the slashers themselves. The great thing about the reality approach is it’s easy for director-writer Maurice Deveraux to play into the typical stereotypes of both horror films AND reality television. All the underlining social context should hopefully sink into the minds of those who watch this movie.
Special Features: Fangoria does a great job here with this special edition disc. The making-of documentary is very extensive spanning almost a full hour, and shows you everything about the film from inception to release. Meeting writer-director Maurice Deveraux in the making-of feature only makes you appreciate this movie more. I’m eagerly anticipating what he’s got in store for the future. There are some deleted scenes, cast bios and trailers for Slashers and other Fangoria films. The disc is in widescreen, looks and sounds great, although I’m pretty sure it’s in stereo. – robg.

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