Story: Dennis Skinner is a psychopath trying to hide out & start a new life. He has an ever-growing relationship with his landlady & an even bigger growing urge to continue on his violent murderous path. But hot on his trail is one of his surviving victims, ready to carry out her revenge and stop him once and for all.
The Film Itself: Ok, granted, this isn’t that good of a film, but there’s something about it that I like, which is why I chose to feature it amongst our reviews. The quality itself is kind of cheap & there are parts where the sound is a bit off with a little too much reverb, which remind you just how low budget a film you’re watching. But with all that put aside, we’ve got an interesting straightforward story with some pretty decent acting. Dennis Skinner is portrayed by none other then Ted Raimi (brother of director Sam) & he does a great job balancing his nice guy act with his completely deranged side. We’ve all seen Ted Raimi in a few things here & there (most notably Darkman & Spider-Man), but this picture makes me wish people would use him more. Also, on board as his landlady is TV talk show host Ricki Lake. Hmm, well she’s… Ricki Lake. Anyways… Traci Lords is my highlight here, playing a good nemesis to Ted Raimi’s Skinner. She really seems both conflicted & emotionally torn in her quest to take out Skinner & i think she’s a lot better of an actress then most give her credit for. I’m a big fan of bad cinema & I watch films like this all the time for their entertainment value. (or lack of) It just so happens that this is one of those bad movies I watched that turned out to be not so bad after all.
Special Features: Absolutely nothing. Not even a menu. But you can probably find it at the supermarket in the ridiculously low priced budget section. – robg.

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