Sin City

Story: A full fledged perfect comic-to-screen adaptation of the cult classic Frank Miller comic book!
The Film Itself: There’s not enough I can say that would do this movie justice. It’s visually original, beautifully cast and well acted, (Except for Michael Madsen – what was up with that guy in his first scene!?) and just an all out delight to watch. There are so many horrific and violent sequences that this thing plays like a Looney Tunes version of Pulp Fiction. The movie’s got 3 interspersing storylines. My personal fave is the Marv arc with Mickey Rourke (in top form!). ‘That Yellow Bastard’ is another unforgettable story arc as well with Bruce Willis and (sigh) that damned Jessica Alba. (When will karma hit this one?!) Elijah Wood & Nick Stahl play two of the creepiest characters in recent cinema! Pay attention for their appearances.
Special Features: Nothing on this version of the DVD. The film looks and sounds perfect. It only features a short 6 minute behind-the-scenes featurette. However, the full fledged 2 disc set is on it’s way in December. If you can’t wait and just want to see the movie now, then rent or pick it up. (Hell, I did!) I’ll be snagging up the extended director’s cut as well! -robg.

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