Sin City: Restored, Extended and Uncut

Story: Frank Miller’s SIN CITY comic books come to life in this Robert Rodriguez adaptation featuring 4 Sin City stories: The Customer Is Always Right, The Hard Goodbye, The Big Fat Kill & That Yellow Bastard.
Special Features: Since I reviewed the original edition of this DVD, I’m going straight to all the supplementary material this edition has to offer. Disc one kicks off with the theatrical cut (which is the cut I’m personally most fond of). This disc is loaded with 3 audio tracks. 2 of them are commentary tracks and the third is an “audience” track from a screening of Sin City from Austin, Texas. I watched the movie with this “audience” track and it’s AWESOME. Thank you, Robert Rodriguez for recreating the theatrical going experience. It’s so much fun to hear audience howls and calls of “Owww!” when someone gets their privates blown off. Or hearing laughter surround you during some of Marv’s lines of dialogue. Disc two – to be blunt… is out of control! All 4 segments from the Sin City movie are presented separately and uncut, as if you were reading the original graphic novels. We’re treating to one of Rodriguez’s infamous 15 minute Film-School featurettes. The way he made Sin City will blow you away. I’m still amazed that actors like Mickey Rourke & Elijah Wood never met each other during production, yet they have a fight scene together in the finished film. To further impress, there’s a “Green-Screen” version, which speeds up the movie and shows you exactly what it looks like before some CGI-tinkering. Usually, I’m against any CGI, BUT Robert Rodriguez uses it so wisely, that it’s not as noticeable as in any other big budget movie. There’s a 10 minute cooking school with Robert where he teaches us how to make breakfast tacos. And then there are featurettes on just about every other aspect of the making of the film, including meeting with Frank Miller, the look of the cars, the make-up effects, etc. For all you Quentin Tarantino fans, there’s an unedited segment titled “The Long Take” which gives us the rare opportunity to sit in and watch Quentin work with actors Benicio Del Toro and Clive Owen. The DVD is also packaged with the graphic novel of ‘The Hard Goodbye’. Hands down, this is a MUST OWN! – robg.

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