Silver Bullet

Story: Crazy werewolf is terrorizing the small town of Tarker’s Mills. What this beast didn’t count on was the wheelchair bound Corey Haim & his crazy uncle, Gary Busey!
The Film Itself: I love this movie. Based on the Stephen King book ‘Cycle Of The Werewolf’, and adapted by King himself, this is just one of those classic werewolf tales. Corey Haim plays Marty, who’s sister Jane actually narrates the story. Crazy Gary Busey plays his Uncle Red who’s usually drunk… or coked out… or something. He has a connection with Marty, so he rigs his wheelchair to go faster and gives the kid firecrackers to play with and all sorts of fun things like that. (Hey… safer times, I guess) Those darned firecrackers come in handy eventually though! I remember this movie being on television ALL the time and now it’s on DVD for such a cheap price. I knew I had to own it.
Special Features: There’s no features really, but any movie with Gary Busey in it doesn’t NEED any features! Sheesh! – robg.

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