Story: Graham Hess is a farmer/minister who’s lost his faith. Then, mysterious crop circles appear on his property and over other remote farms across the world. What could they mean? Could this be the first signs of an alien invasion?
The Film Itself: YES! M. Night tackles ALIENS!!! And I LOVE it! Ok, again. It really depends on how you feel about M. Night’s style, but if you enjoy The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, then Signs will please you. Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix are at the top of their game in this emotional story. Part War Of The Worlds, part Night Of The Living Dead, this is the most realistic depiction of what an alien invasion would be like. I love the fact that this is specifically the story of THIS family and how THEY deal with the sudden threat. Sure there’s a bit of a twist, so you’ll have to pay attention the whole way thru, but overall, this is an excellent, suspenseful film and absolutely worth being a part of your collection!
Special Features: M. Night continues with his Vista Series special edition DVD’s and we’ve got some great material here. There are a few deleted scenes with introductions. There are also a series of featurettes covering the entire making of process, including the script writing, the first read thru, the construction of the house and the alien design. I personally loved the brief interview with composer James Newton Howard. I’m a huge fan of his music and the score for Signs is among one of his best! (Especially during the tense, climatic ending!) Also for fun, M. Night throws in a short film he made as a child about aliens. – robg.

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