Shaun of the Dead

Story: A romantic comedy. With Zombies.
The Film Itself: That tagline says it all! This is my favorite zombie movie since George Romero’s ‘Day Of The Dead’. Why? It’s just so well made. Well acted. Well directed. And the script is really, really good. I love british humor anyways, so throwing zombies into the mix just ups the ante for me. The thing that gets me, is this is the most realistic depiction of what a zombie invasion would be like. You’re bound to have a friend like either Shaun (Simon Pegg) or Ed (Nick Frost). And they’re bound to be this oblivious at first to what’s going on! Once you get past the half hour mark, this thing just rocks until the conclusion at the bar. (Another genius move! Zombies attack? Go to the local pub!) The film just gets better and better on repeat viewings because there are so many subliminal nods to horror movies and zombie flicks sprinkled thru-out this classic. Also, best usage of a Queen song to a zombie beating… ever.
Special Features: The special features make this film ever better then it already is. The highlight for me is the Zomb-O-Meter version of the film. You can watch the film with little factoids popping up and pointing out tons and tons of cool tid-bits about the movie. For example, all the character’s names rhyme with their eventual fate. (Ed is dead… Liz lives… etc.) There’s so many great nods I never would’ve caught without this option, such as the restaurant being named Fulci’s or the electronic store where Shaun works being named after ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ actor Ken Foree. This alone makes the DVD a must own. But besides that, there’s plenty of missing bits (deleted scenes), there’s 3 animated sequences of scenes never shot which explain some of the films plot holes. Along with casting tapes, Simon Pegg’s humorous video diary, the TV spots including the full (and not totally serious) Coldplay interview. And let’s not forget the wonderful commentaries. Shaun Of The Dead is one of the best movies to come out in years and this DVD is worth every penny! – robg.

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