Shadow Star Narutaru Volume 1.

Shadow Star will probably be one of the next manga series you will see come over to American TV. It has that feel to it with a distinct targeting of a younger crowd and the presents of weird little creatures. The main character is a little girl who spends her Summers with her Grand Parents and the rest of the year with her father who is an airplane pilot. The dvd features 4 episodes of the show starting at the beginning with an introduction to the characters. While with her Grandparents Shiina almost drowns when she swims to a break water she has been told to avoid because she is too small. When sucked under by the current, she is saved by a weird looking Starfish with giant eyes. She names the Starfish Hoshimaru, and brings it when she returns home to the mainland. The next few episodes show Shiina adjusting to life with Hoshimaru and the weird little powers it starts to display. She also runs into two other characters who are in possession of similar creatures. This is way too slow for my tastes and gives me too much of a Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh feel to be of much interest. If you like the typical Saturday Morning style Anime that we have on the WB, than this may be for you. If you are looking for a more adult oriented offering, this is not it. (U.S. Manga, 250 W 57th St, Suite 317, New York, NY 10107) – Myk.

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  1. Was just reading your review for Narutaru/Shadow Star, and I have to violently disagree with you about it not being adult orientated.
    It’s a slow starting series, but the amount of horrendous violence, death and sexual assault perpetrated by and on children in the latter part of the series makes it deeply unsuitable for kids.
    The pokemon feel of the early part is extremely misleading.

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