Seed of Chucky: Unrated and Fully Extended

Story: In the 5th film in the ‘Child’s Play’ series, Chucky & Tiffany are brought back to life by their gender-confused offspring Glen (or Glenda). They decide to transfer their souls into the bodies of actress Jennifer Tilly, who looks a lot like Tiffany, and possibly Redman? John Waters shows up and takes some pictures. And despite trying hard to be a family man, Chucky just can’t stop killing! Ah, domestic bliss!
The Film Itself: Wow. I saw this flick originally in movie theaters, and it just felt so wrong to see it in public! I can’t explain it but this movie is pretty out of control. And I mean that is a good way! At this point, we’re up to Part 5 in a franchise, so I’m glad that series creator Don Mancini (writing AND directing this entry) decided to do something VERY different rather then just the average sequel. What’s to like? A lot! The plot is pretty out there. Aside from Glen (who resembles Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie) searching for his parents, the rest of the film is kind of a mockumentary. Jennifer Tilly and Redman play themselves, and they’re both fanatastic. (Yes, even Redman is decent in this). It’s hard not to enjoy a movie that features John Waters as a sleezy tabloid reporter. (Who gets one of the more memorable death scenes in this flick) The movie’s got a nice blend of horror, gore, and comedy. One of my favorite scenes is a monologue by Chucky (again, voiced by fan fav Brad Dourif) where he explains why he “digs” being an infamous killer doll. If you’re looking for something really different and bizarre, then Seed Of Chucky is it.
Special Features: This DVD is full of special features! Just the way we fans like it! The unrated disc actually boasts a few addition extras. There’s a deleted scene with actress Debbie Carrington who plays Tiffany’s double in the fictional film within the film. Don Mancini contributes two commentary tracks – one entertaining track with the voluptuous Jennifer Tilly and another with puppet master Tony Gardner. Both are very informative and fun to listen to. There’s tons of other stuff on here with Chucky, Tiffany & Glenn. Family photo albums and featurettes. While cool that it exists, it’s also a tad annoying. There’s only so many featurettes and interviews with fictional puppets we can sit thru. But overall, this DVD is definitely worthwhile for fans of this horror franchise. Besides, it just went down in price! – robg.

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