Season of the Witch

I cherish DVDs like this. Season of the Witch is one of the least known George Romero films and this version has been seen by even less people. The fine folks at Anchor Bay, in collaboration with Romero have put together the longest (104 minutes) version of the film seen in years and the longest on home video or dvd. To make it a little more interesting, they have included the film ‘There’s Always Vanilla’ as a bonus feature. I have never seen this film before and it was a real treat to see a “lost” film by one of my favorite directors of all time. ‘Season’ is the story of a bored housewife. Her husband works and doesn’t pay much attention to her, and she is relegated to spending time with her friends who are all in the same boat or worse. Joan (Jan White) has started to have some real doozey nightmares and is having a hard time dealing with them. That is until she has a conversation with a friend of hers who admits to being a witch. Joan is totally intrigued by the concept and slowly starts to pursue the lifestyle and mentality. What magic can she conjure to freshen up her life with her husband and her potential new love interest played by Ray Laine? That is also the segway to ‘Vanilla’, which also stars Laine as a beatnik sort of guy who has fallen for Lynn (Judith Streiner, Night of the Living Dead) and is trying to straighten out his life to spend with her and their newly conceived child. This is far from a horror movie, and as Romero states in the bonus documentary, he was basically only the editor on this. Someone else wrote it. The film is a decent look at life in the early 70’s, especially of someone who just returned from ‘Nam. The film is also chock full of Romero continuity between the production staff and the stars. There are a lot of bonuses on the disc as well including missing scenes from ‘Witch’ when it was called ‘Hungry Wives’ and also ‘Jack’s Wife’. There is a poster and still gallery and two different documentaries as well as a ‘Vanilla’ documentary. A must for any Romero collection and you get two films for the price of one. (Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084) – Myk.

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