Story: Two men awaken chained to the walls of a secluded room and have a mere few hours to figure out why they are there & what they can do to escape the trap set by the Jigsaw Killer!
The Film Itself: I don’t get all the fuzz? This movie is good! Plain and simple. It’s a good movie. And I stand by this bold statement. First off, in a world of PG-13 horror, this bad boy got released with a HARD R! Second… what are some of the complaints people have been fussing about? Bad acting. Low Budget. Portions of the plot were predictable. Well, sheesh folks… isn’t that the deal with just about every horror flick of the past 3 decades?! That said, I really enjoyed the original & unique story Saw attempted to tell. As a fan of both films AND film making, I can appreciate the thought put into making a scary movie with a limited budget & filming it practically in one room for the entire shoot. The idea is sinister, the Jigsaw killer is bad ass, and the situations set up by the Jigsaw killer are in fact, horrifying. And the end… come on! None of you saw it coming! (No pun intended) Give the flick a chance if you haven’t already. The DVD packaging alone is worth picking it up.
Special Features: Well, there’s another Saw special edition on it’s way once Saw 2 hits theaters, but even with that said, this disc isn’t too skimpy on the extras! Sound & picture is top notch, as it is with most recent releases on DVD. There’s an excellent commentary with director James Wan and writer/actor Leigh Whannell. These Australian blokes seem to be having a ball with this. Essentially, you feel like you’re hanging out with friends who got lucky and made a movie, because these dudes are kids! And total fanboys. They do give plenty of interesting stories on what went into making this little indie & how lucky they got with the casting and actual production. It’s a fun commentary & not all of them are as entertaining as this one! There’s plenty of promotional materials to round out the disc’s features including some trailers, a really short making-of and a Fear Factory music video. If you dug the movie, you’ll dig the DVD. – robg.

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