Saw: Uncut Edition

Now, here’s yet another edition of the SAW DVD (a movie less then a year old already getting another disc?) Well, of course! We can assume to capitalize on the release of SAW II. But guess what? THIS is how every 2nd edition of a DVD release should be! Why not make both editions must-owns?! First we get a new cut of the film, nothing too drastic, but with all the gory footage cut back into the film. Second, it’s completely color-corrected, supervised by director Wan. (A problem apparently on the original DVD release) Then we get two brand new commentary tracks. The first is a fantastic and hilarious commentary by director James Wan, writer/star Leigh Whannell, and star Cary Elwes. They make it a point NOT to repeat things from the previous commentary track, making this a worthwhile listen. Plus, these 3 are hilarious together! Not since the Evil Dead 2 commentary have I enjoyed a commentary track this much. The second commentary track is an educational commentary with the producers of the film. If you’re a filmmaker then this will be worth checking out. The second disc in this set has got plenty of new goodies. Including the original SAW short film, which got these guys their movie deal! There’s plenty of making-of specials, a fictional episode of ‘Full Disclosure Report’ on the Jigsaw killer and the opening sequence to SAW II. Either way, if you love SAW, then it’s worth adding both editions to your collection. – robg.

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