Saiyuki Reload

Volume two finds the Goku, Gojyo, Hakkai and Sanzo in far more singular stories that the first volume. The first episode is the continuation of the last episode on the first disk. Part that, the clan continues on into three stand alone stories. A desperate fight between the guys and a local rivalry that has been brain washed leads to a tough decision for two warriors stuck in the middle. The third episode finds the Sanzo party at a hotel stuck playing a really strange board game given to them by the Inn keeper. Odd things start to happen as they are playing, it is Saiyuki Reload meets Jumanji. The final episode is the first sort of love story in the plot line. What does a half-breed demon need to fall in love? Well a half-breed demon female of course. But does she love him or is she setting them up for a fall. There is plenty of action again in this volume and has a little more of the transient feeling I think the plot calls for. The scriptures play less of an important part in this set of episodes, which allows the viewer a little more information on the characters themselves. With the character development in these episodes that was missing from volume one, the viewer feels a little more compelled to check out volume 3 when it is released. (Geneon, 2265 East 220 th ST, POB 22782, Long Beach, CA 90801) – Myk

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