‘Revelations’ was a mini series that aired on NBC early this year and although it got good reviews, didn’t appear to do much with the viewing audience. That is a shame, because for NBC, this was pretty bold and groundbreaking. It isn’t like a major network to take on a touchy subject like religion and the end of the world, especially through the eyes of a non-believer. Bill Pullman plays Harvard Professor Dr. Richard Massey, who’s expertise is debunking religious stories and the historical writings of the bible. Natascha McElhone plays Sister Josepha Montafiore. The Sister is employed by a privately funded organization that is trying to prove miracles and also that the end of the world is coming. The show consisted of six episodes, all of which are in this two disc set. The story focuses around a little girl who has been struck by lightning and by all accounts is dead except for the respirator keeping her alive. That is until she starts speaking in Latin and describing ancient scriptures that speak of the end of the world and also lead the Sister to Doctor Massey through an elaborate map she drew in a seizure. Based on their different belief systems, obviously these two people can’t believe each other or work together until their paths keep crossing. It becomes a give and take where Massey’s deductions begin to explain some of the dead girls scribbles and the Sister’s blind faith and knowledge of the religion lead them to different people and location that are starting to unravel a plot to bring on the Apocalypse through the birth of the Anti-Christ. The writers did an excellent job with the religious references on this show and both the stars are compelling in their roles. The story really kicks up when the doctors own kids become involved and how it all ties in to the leader of the Satanic cult they are chasing. One comical moment though is the inclusion of Fred Durst as a member of the cult. Without the commercials, this is a fast watch and I found it to be very entertaining and also a huge risk for broadcast TV. This is almost like a creationist disaster movie if you will and it is far better than a lot of the crap they have put on TV in the last couple of years. Definitely worth renting!
Bonus Feature: Interviews with the cast and director. (Universal, 825 Eighth Ave, New York NY 10019) (DVD) – Myk.

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