Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis

I had a lot of hope for this film. The third film was actually really good and they took it in a new direction, away from the humorous outlook of the original two. What you find here unfortunately is the sequel that you probably anticipated from number three. With the exception of Peter Coyote (E.T., Erin Brokovich), you basically have a no name cast and a movie made in Romania and has a lot of locals in the cast to keep costs down. Charles Garrison (Coyote) works for Hybratech and has collected the last remaining canisters of the chemicals that started the living dead resurgence in the first place. While performing tests, some of the gas escapes into a tunnel of homeless people, of course turning them into the living dead. In the meantime, Garrison also has custody of his two nephews, whose parents were killed in a car accident. They, of course, are troubled kids and ride with a questionable crowd, including Zeke, who is a motorcycle riding badass who believe that Julian is trying to steal his girlfriend. When Zeke crashes his motorcycle, his friends rush to the hospital to see if he is ok, where they are told he

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