Reform School Girls

Story: Two innocent female teens get sent to Pridemore Juvenile Facility For Girls, and someone’s bound to get offended!
The Film Itself: Ohhh bliss!!! I remember catching parts of this movie on HBO when i was young and even then it scared the crap out of me. Not because it’s a horror film, but because it’s just so wrong in so many ways. In fact, after watching it recently on DVD, all I can say is… I’m highly offended! I was seriously shocked by the time I reached the end of this film. Not even porn makes me feel this sleezy after watching it. Let’s start with the cast. Best thing about this flick? Holy good crom! We’ve got Wendy O. Williams, singer of the legendary Plasmatics (and also of the show ‘The Adventures Of Bean Baxter’ from Savage Steve Holland who wrote & directed the comedy classics Better Off Dead & One Crazy Summer. Does anyone out there remember Beans Baxter???). Her cronies consist of Darcy DeMoss (of Friday The 13th Part 6, Playboy’s late night show Eden & Can’t Buy Me Love) and also Tiffany Helm (my childhood crush, Violet from Friday The 13th Part 5). Let’s not forget Sybil Danning! (sorry folks. no nudie scenes with her on this picture) So, why is this movie so wrong? Seriously, just see it for yourself. There’s bad campy humor, girlie fights & nude girls showering. Not sure why but I suppose it’s pivitol to the plot of the film. Which… I’m still trying to figure out. Did I mention Darcy Demoss and Tiffany Helm? Ok, just checking.
Special Features: Only Anchor Bay would give this film the special edition treatment and god bless them for that. The trailers alone are worth the price of the DVD. I didn’t want to mention it before, but since it’s in the commercials… I can’t believe they’d market this movie with “the infamous kitty stomp”. There’s a still gallery and a bio for writer/director Tom DeSimone. The commentary track includes him along with “humorist Martin Lewis” (?). What the fuck is a humorist? And why would he record a DVD commentary? Regardless, this “humorist” is actually pretty well educated in the films history as he moderates the commentary session. I can’t believe this was MEANT to be a spoof. I totally had seen this movie as a straight forward film. But they admit it’s a spoof in the commentary. Tom DeSimone also talks about how he initially wanted the movie to be in black and white, which would have been interesting. I didn’t watch the entire commentary track. The second they find the kitten, I really got so offended that i just turned this movie right off! – robg.

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