Red Eye

Story: Lisa is held captive on an overnight flight & forced to take part in an assassination plot. Can she outwit her seatmate and save her father?
The Film Itself: So, Wes Craven hits us with a straight-forward Hitchcockian thriller, huh? Well, I dig it! Although not one of Wes’s best films, it’s certainly one of his most interesting, and the suspense is excellent. I like the way this film is set-up. It’s really not too complicated. It’s essentially 3 acts, the first at the airport setting up the characters, the 2nd on the actual flight, and the final act back at the house. Because of this simple set-up, the film relies heavily on the acting, and the visual storytelling, both of which Wes & the actors deliver. Gosh darn it, I love that Rachel McAdams. I’ve seen her in quite a few movies now, and she’s always excellent AND completely different in every role she approaches. She plays off of Cillian Murphy’s sinister Jackson perfectly. I love how Cillian is so endearing during the opening scenes and then becomes an evil bastard once the movie kicks into full gear. While some are mixed on the third act of the film, I liked it a lot because it was very straight-forward Wes Craven. I always dug the chase & “fight back” sequences at the end of Wes’s movies like Nightmare or even The Hills Have Eyes. The only draw back to the flick is it is really short. (80 minutes or so?)
Special Features: This disc boasts some decent special features. There are two featurettes on the making of the film, which feature plenty of interviews with the principal cast members, as well as Wes. There are also some outtakes and bloopers and a commentary track. (Which sadly I haven’t had the chance to check out yet, but will, because Wes is on it) Overall, this is a decent release. Check it out. – robg.

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