Razor Blade Smile

The main character of this film, Lilith Silver, is like a cross between Lady Death and Blade. She is a vampire, but a “daywalker”, but uses her immortality as an assassin. The character has a similar feel to Underworld, and the outfits are close as well, except Lilith looks more like a hooker than a member of the Matrix crew. When Lilith’s boss/ set-up man is kidnapped by the “Illuminate”, it is her job to not only get him back alive, but also fulfill her most recent contract which happens to be the same guy. That guy is Sethane Blake (Cutthroat Island, Judge Dredd), the head of the “Illuminate” but also the vampire that turned Lilith in the first place hundreds of years ago. The effects in the film leave a little to be desired, but the plot has some good original concepts to add to the vampire mythos. Eileen Daly (Lilith) reminds me a little too much of Julie Strain, who I don’t care for at all, but she does the vixen part pretty well. Fans of Misty Mundae films should really dig this. It has a similar feel, but the plot is way better as is the production. The disc features outtakes, deleted scenes, CG test shots, an audio commentary (little dry), and a behind the scenes feature as bonuses. (Manga/Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084) – Myk.

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