Radio Mechanics, The

Story: Late-night talk-show host Nigel Starr takes a call from a listener named Stillman who goes into detail about his theories on the eventual take over of the planet to aliens!
The Film Itself: You know, when it comes to a short film, let alone a short science fiction film, you’re never exactly sure what you’re in for. So, when it came down to watching The Radio Mechanics, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Thankfully, it turned out to be one of the best made sci-fi short films I’ve watched. It really is well directed & scripted that I found myself really getting into the dialogue almost as soon as Stillman’s character is introduced (played wonderfully by Patrick Murphy). The production value of this short film is top notch. It definitely has the look and feel of a full length. Essentially, Stillwell shoots off a number of theories he has on a live late night talk show about the human subconscious & how we’re all connected. How some of our dreams are realities on top of other ones and that aliens manipulate these doors to slowly plot their eventual takeover. I really did find the actual theories themselves to be very interesting subject matter. And was bummed when the 20 minute short was over, because it flies by. I’m looking forward to what the fine folks at Unit 12 may have in store for us in the future.
Special Features: For an independent company, the DVD itself has got impressive packaging and features. Included is a director/writer commentary with Jonathan Johnson & Preston Herrick, which goes into plenty of details on the making of this short film. Most of which can be seen in the behind the scenes footage, also included as a bonus feature. To round out the disc, there’s some entertaining auditions and some funny outtake footage; especially with Halloween 2’s Lance Warlock doing his “Fire Marshall Bill” impression. Sci-fi fans will definitely get a kick out of this. Check it out at – robg.

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