Pumpkin Head 2: Blood Wings: Rob G’s Review

Story: Five teenagers accidentally awaken the legendary demon Pumpkinhead, who immediately goes on a murderous rampage for revenge against the kids AND the men who killed the soul of the innocent boy trapped within the beast.
The Film Itself: Man, I KNOW I’m going to get shit for this, but I LIKE this movie!!! The first is obviously a far better film, but this is a decent direct-to-video sequel. And knowing the limitations and rush to finish this film for it’s VHS release, it’s easy to be forgiving. I’m always a fan of the whole revenge angle in these horror flicks. I sympathize with the deformed boy in the back story that gets killed & am kinda rooting for him when he comes back as Pumpkinhead for vengeance! Despite the clunky story and low production values, this movie’s got a lot of cool people involved. Andrew Robinson (Hellraiser), Linnea Quigley, Kane (Jason) Hodder cameos, as does R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface in TXC 3). Soleil Moon Frye. (Punky Brewster herself!) Roger Clinton. (Yep, as in Bill’s brother!) And the movie was directed by Jeff Burr, who did a lot of horror sequel work during the early 90’s.
Special Features: This DVD actually boasts a good deal of special features considering the price. The movie is full screen and the sound is in Dolby Surround, but you have to consider this film was made for the direct-to-video market. There’s a brief featurette on the making-of the film. (Ironically edited by filmmaker http://www.iconsoffright.com/IV_Parker.htmDave Parker – director of ‘The Dead Hate The Living’) But the highlight is a very informative and honest commentary track with director Jeff Burr. It’s great that he can talk now about his limitations on the film and how he came on board very last minute and did the best he could. He points out all the cameos and even mentions how he never met the writer of Pumpkinhead 2. (The writer actually refused to be credited for his work on this film.) I really like Jeff Burr’s stuff. And between this, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, and Stepfather 2, these DVD’s make a nice little trilogy. – robg.

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