Psycho III

Story: The Bates Motel is back in business. And Mother’s off her rocker again! “The most shocking of them all.”
The Film Itself: Yet again, Psycho 3 is a VERY underrated sequel. Anthony Perkins returns as Norman Bates and directs this particular chapter. I can’t explain why I love this one so much, but I guess because it’s more a direct sequel to the original then two was. I mean, two was great, but the thing I always loved about the Norman Bates character was I always felt he was so tragic. He can’t help what he does, and he’s truly convinced it’s not him. In my Devil’s Rejects review, I mention how you’re not supposed to root for the villian, but it’s next to impossible NOT to sympathize with Norman Bates. So, to me, this third film is like watching the first one, but with knowing the twist ending. Continuing directly from the ending of Part 2, ex-nun Mary (Diana Scarwid) is on the run from her past after she accidently kills a fellow sister. Her trip leads her in a car ride with sleezy wanna-be singer Dwayne (played with extra sleeze by Jeff Fahey) and eventually to the Bates Motel. She reminds Norman of Marion Crane (the infamous shower victim) and he actually… starts a romantic relationship with her?! Maybe that’s all Norman needed. A freakin’ girlfriend! But of course, mother won’t have any of that. Again, while some people may critique this as a weak sequel, I think visually, Anthony Perkins delivers some of my favorite shots in the entire series! The way mother appears in all the kill sequences (with face in shadow) is awesome. And of course, one of my all time favorite shots in horror history is the Norman/Mother reveal toward’s the final scene of the movie. So, so good. And let’s not forget the wonderful score by Carter Burwell or the apperance of Juliette Cummins (whom genre fans should remember from Friday The 13th Part 5!).
Special Features: I love Psycho III and I long for the day we’ll get a special edition. Even if I have to sheppard that project (which I will one day soon!) Once again, nothing on this disc except a trailer. But it’s such a great underrated sequel. Go buy or rent it if you’ve never seen it. -robg.

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