Psycho II

Story: It’s 22 years later, and Norman Bates is finally coming home.
The Film Itself: I’ll say it. Psycho 2 is a KICK-ASS UNDERRATED SEQUEL!!! Plain and simple. First off, how often do we get a sequel to a movie 22 years later? I mean, shit they’re remaking movies that are 7 years old now, THAT’S how ridiculous Hollywood is lately. But back to Psycho 2. Anthony Perkins rules this movie and this role. Norman Bates is released from the mental institute and declared “sane”, so he goes back home, gets a job at the local diner and re-opens the Bates Motel. Problem is, someone’s running around dressed as Mother killing people! Is it Norman? Or is it Mary (played by the hot Meg Tilly), the gal who’s been staying with Norman. (And who also happens to be the niece of Marion Crane from the original.) OR… can it be his REAL mother? You have to check it out yourself to believe it! We’ve got great performances here from supporting cast members Dennis Franz and Robert Loggia. We’ve got some impressive direction & some stylish kill sequences from the wonderful Richard Franklin. And we’ve got a great score by Jerry Goldsmith. And it features one of the greatest shocking endings to a horror movie EVER! (Ouch!) I can’t help but gush over how good this flick is. The Psycho movies need some more respect!
Special Features: Sadly, nothing on here except a trailer and a better quality version of the film (both picture and sound-wise) from the last Good Times edition. Universal needs to step up and give us a special edition. Don’t worry, folks. I’M ON IT! – robg.

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