Prom Night 3/Prom Night 4 Double DVD

Story: PN 3 – A really bad comedic redux of Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2, in which Mary Lou Maloney is back after her death 30 years ago in a Prom Night fire, only this time she’s in love with local student Alex. And she’ll stop at nothing to get his affections. PN 4 – A priest becomes a psycho (ala Silent Night Deadly Night) and believes it’s his duty to punish unpure souls. (aka horny teenagers) The other priests manage to keep him locked up for 33 years until he escapes, convienently the same night as Prom Night.
The Film Itself: Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Prom Night 1 & 2. From what I remember, I kind of enjoyed 2, but crom only knows what I’d think of it now. This brings us to Prom Night 3. This movie literally is a mess. At first I tried to take it seriously, because a character like Mary Lou Malony is supposed to be feared as if she was the female Freddy Krueger, right? Ok, I was wrong. It isn’t until the halfway point that I realize this is meant to be one big joke. Why you ask? What other movie does someone get stabbed thru the hands with ice cream cones. I shit you not. Plus side? Actress Courtney Taylor as Mary Lou is WAY hot. In fact, I wouldn’t mind the spirit of a psychotic chick falling in love with me & disposing of my enemies if it were her. Anyways, Prom Night 4 however is a different movie altogether. So different, that from what I understand it was made as it’s own horror film and only later redubbed with the Prom Night 4 title. It’s not a great horror film, but it is a step up from the previous Prom Night entries. In fact, this one is kind of original. We’ve got priests (which are always scary in my book), teenagers on Prom Night doing the deed (YES! the SIN factor!), and some violent & shocking kill scenes. So at the very least, Prom Night 4 makes for a decent late night B-movie. It’s also cool to see a young Nicole Deboer here. (also of Cube & The Dead Zone tv series).
Special Features: Nada. But it’s two movies for real cheap. If you enjoy bad cinema, then it’s worth your $6 bucks. – robg.

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