This was a lot better than I ever expected. I thought for sure we were talking about a bad ‘Chucky’ rip off. While the film isn’t stellar, the cast does an excellent job with it. A seemingly innocent man buries his dead child in the woods and then refuses to defend himself in court. Buried next to the child is Pinocchio. A well carved marionette that is taken with the evidence. The murders attorney takes it home and it accidentally ends up in the hands of her daughter, who hates her father who lives states away. The doll is given to her by her mom’s new boyfriend who is a total angel and he is only trying to do the right thing by them both. Doll and child become inseparable, especially when the doll starts “telling” her to do horrible things, like put a stick in the wheels of a bicycle ridden by the class bully just as she passes in front of a car. Well, is the child delusional, or is there something to the doll? This is a fun film that you won’t hate because you didn’t expect anything from it in the first place. Nothing extra to speak of, which is ok, not a film you will spend a lot of time on. It’s much better than Child’s Play 2. (Lion’s Gate, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) – Myk.


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