tory: The story is about an investigative reporter called Ji-Won. She has to go into hiding because of a particularly nasty article she has just completed. She ends up staying at her best friend’s summer home. Ji-Won starts to get frightening calls on her cell phone from people involved in her investigation, so she changes her phone number. From that point on, things only get worse. She starts to get these horrible calls from a girl who is screaming and amazing other sonic sounds come bellowing from the calls. Ji-Won’s friends daughter accidentally picks up one of the calls and it drives her to near insanity. Ji-Won starts to investigate the calls and the number on which she receives them.
The Film Itself: With the rash of Eastern films getting butchered into American shams in the last couple of years, I always look forward to finding something ahead of an American studio’s ability to ruin it. Phone is a movie that you will see in American soon. It will have some ex-‘Dawson’s Creek’ cast member or ex-‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ siren in the lead part, but until then, this is the original released in a sub-titled version that is amazing. The movie goes on to take a ‘Ring’ meets ‘Two Evil Eyes’ feel that is really rare to find in cinema at the moment. If you liked the ‘Ring’, or more precisely the original ‘Ring-u’, then you will love this film. It has the same dark quality to it, with the same urgency in the characters to solve there situation before certain death. The director openly admits that he came to work on this film after viewing ‘Ring-u’, with that in mind, this had a really good homage feel to it and has several good scares of its own even though some of the framework could be viewed as “borrowed”. Even still, this is at least on par with the American ‘Ring’ and far surpasses ‘The Grudge’, well worth the two hours viewing, if not multiple watches.
Special Features: The transfer to DVD is spectacular. The disc boasts an audio commentary, a making of (which is great and also subtitled), some deleted scenes and some trailers all as bonus stuff. (Tartan Video, 8322 Beverly Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90048) – Myk.

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