Paranoid was made in 2000 before the virtual explosion of the phenomenon that is Jessica Alba. The film clocks in at 90 minutes and seems like one of those films that probably got resurrected because of Alba’s and co-star Mischa Barton’s current stardom. Alba plays an up and coming fashion model that is used to getting her way and treats her boyfriend in just such a manner. She has him around when she wants him there and shoos him away when there is virtually anything else to do. After a particularly long shoot, she is invited to a party by a new boy toy and his ex-band mates. It takes place at a castle far from London at Theresa’s (Barton) place. When Chloe’s (Alba) date’s wife shows up, all hell breaks loose and she is left at the house when everyone goes back to London. Theresa and her husband tell Chloe she will get a ride in the morning from the very odd butler who videotapes everything in the house. That night Chloe has some really weird dreams, except are they really dreams. Is Theresa’s husband making love to her or is she imagining it? Is the butler videotaping her in her sleep, or is she imaging that as well? What about the guy who keeps crank calling Chloe’s cell phone? How is he connected to all of this? Most importantly, how will Chloe get out of this house and get home? As blood and guts and sex appeal goes, the film is really lacking. It’s almost like a made for television movie it is so clean, except for the language. The film is a decent watch, but it is a rental for sure, even for the most diehard Alba fan. The film is in fullscreen, which is annoying and there are absolutely no bonus features. The film also features Ian Glen from Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Ewen Bremner from Alien vs Predator among the cast members. (Lion’s Gate, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) (DVD) – Myk

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