“Opera” is one of my very favorite Dario Argento movies. For one, it’s loaded with serious amounts of “Get the fuck out of here” violence. It’s very, very violent, and it’s very, very loud. A young opera star takes over the leading role in Verdi’s Macbeth when she suddenly finds herself stalked by a vicious serial killer. He forces her (but strapping her down and taping needles under her eyes) to watch him butcher her friends and collegues over and over again. It’s very over-the-top slasher work, and it’s almost hard to believe any of it. That’s what makes “Opera” so fun, and so brillant because it essentially follows the conventions of an actual opera, which are loud, over-the-top, garish affairs most of the time anyway. Argento juxtaposes Verdi’s opera music with brash, speeding heavy metal during the murder sequences, characters are killed, and practically forgotten. It’s all done with such style (watch how the camera gives you a “crows perspective” of the opera house, or when we follow a bullet through a peephole) that never makes you doubt you’re watching the work of a cinematic master. Forget the typical and unbelivable story that bookends the movie (the ending is ridiculous but still tremendous violent, nasty fun). Just sit back and enjoy Argento once again turning film violence into an artform.–Mike C.
Special Features: It’s a decent Anchor Bay release. Not piled with special features like other releases but you get your all-new making of documentary, with a bunch of interviews including Argento, Ronnie taylor, and Daria Nicolodi. There’s some trailers and silly music video by some band called Daemonia. The real special features is getting to watch this film uncut, and looking beautiful.

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