Night Stalker

The cover of the dvd claims this movie was inspired by the Richard Ramirez murder spree. With the exception of the fact that the movie takes place in L.A. and that all the victims are women, it’s nothing more than advertisement. The story is the same as many other serial killer flicks. Guy has severe issues and he goes around killing women. Basically, the plot is this. You have a psycho ex-marine that has learned some Asian martial arts technique that allows him to live forever. The one catch is that he has to kill others to maintain his immortality. He happens to prefer really attractive women, but mostly hookers. He murders them in a ceremony that has drawn the ire of the local police and especially Detective J.J. Striker (Charles Napier) and his partner, who just happen to be best friends with all the local street girls and are helping to raise the daughter of a deceased former hooker. It of course doesn’t go over well with them, but Striker has his own problems to deal with, being too much of a buddy to the almighty bottle. It takes the murder of his partner to straighten him out and finally go after the psycho who is now targeting the love of his life. This is basically an HBO filler film. They put it on at 2:30 AM just to have something on and maybe some depraved fuck with insomnia (like me) will check it out. The film was enjoyable, although not something I would ever watch again. The dvd quality is horrendous though. It borders on some of those $1 disc’s I have seen from Target, not something I would recommend buying by any stretch. Charles Napier puts in a decent performance and the guy just makes me laugh. There is also a really funny Transvestite in the film and several really hot girls playing the hookers. But you can see that in thousands of films, so it doesn’t make this one special, and there are no special features. Maybe try and catch this on tv or Netflix if you have nothing else to watch, but it would be in my top 300 from Netflix at the moment with no rental time in the near future. (Empire Pictures, 595 Madison Ave, 39th Flr, New York, NY 10022) – Myk.

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