Night Shift Nurses

Story/ The Film Itself: Clinical Confessions is the third volume in the “Night Shift Nurses” series. The DVD contains episodes 6 and 7 and deals with the fall out after the murder of Doctor Ryuji Hirasaka. Unlike the previous two volumes of this series, these episodes are not completely new. These episodes are constructed similar to a soap opera. There is tons of flashback scenes going back to the first four episodes. Ren and Remi are under interrogation about the murder and all they can do is recall the horrible sexual situations they were put in and how they actually love Hirasaka for what he gave them. This disc is not as blatantly graphic as the previous two. The scenes are as extreme, there just is not as many of them and they are portrayed in a different light. While this is the weakest link of the set so far, it seems to be the set up for the next volume and it does continue the story line fairly well. On it’s own, this is not the volume you would pick to randomly watch, but fans of the series will still want it for the continuation of the story line. (Anime 18, 250 W 57th St, Suite 328, New York, NY 10107) (DVD) – Myk.

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