Night of the Demons

Story/ The Film Itself: Angela is having a party. Freddy and Jason are too scared to come, but you’ll have a hell of a time reads the tagline of Night of the Demons. This movie is one of the greatest horror movies to come out of the eighties. It’s Halloween night and a group of high school kids decide to have a party at Hull house, an abandoned funeral parlor. While playing a party game, having a past life seance, they accidentally unleash a demon which takes possession of Suzy played by Linnea Quigley. One by one the partygoers are killed in gruesome fashion and turned into demons themselves. As the body count rises the group struggles to survive until midnight, when Halloween ends and the demons must return to hell. Unlike many horror movies of the eighties, NOTD holds up today quite well. It is just as witty and definitely just as scary as it was when it was released. This is largely due to the incredible make-up effects and James W. Quinn who provided the demon voices. The special effects are also crazy good. Once you see Linnea Quigley apply lipstick you’ll never forget it. The movie also has a killer soundtrack including an awesome theme song used during the opening animated credits and Stigmata Martyr by Bauhaus used during Angela’s sexy dance. Also, with this movie we were introduced to the other Angela of horror. The dvd is the unrated version in all its eye-gouging glory. Followed by two equally good sequels (neither currently available on dvd.).
Special Features: Audio Commentary by Director Kevin S. Tenney, Executive Producer Walter Josten and Producer Jeff Geoffray/ My Demon Nights – Interview with Linnea Quigley/ Promo Reel/ Theatrical & Video Trailers/ TV Spots. – neil a.

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