New York Ripper, The

Story: Serial killer that quacks like a duck is killing women in NY.
The Film Itself: Ah, those Italian horror films: the gore, the sleaze, the quacking psychopaths. “The New York Ripper” desperately wants to be a classic Italian giallo, those pulpy murder mysteries with loads of violence, a variety of suspects, and a sucker-punch of a twist ending. Those, however, were fairly well-written and stylishly directed. “The New York Ripper” is just an exercise in depraved unrelenting violence. It really is the kind of horror film you really feel dirty when watching. The characters drip more grease than my crappy car: We have the scarred guy missing fingers who enjoys rubbing his nub on tied-up prostitutes, the horny wheel-chair bound rich guy who needs his wife to tape record sex shows in early 80’s Times Square to get off. Top it all off with a killer who isn’t just happy to just stab your life away, no, he’s going to slit your nipples in half first and maybe shove broken glass into your genital area. The porno movie soundtrack just adds to the “I need a shower” feel of the film. This is Lucio Fulci at his most extreme and most vulgar. So to sum it all up: Highly Recommended, of course.
Special Features: Just a trailer on this one. – mike c

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